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Have you finished your development and now need more time to sell or refinance the properties? Or perhaps you are part-way through the works and “almost” finished? You are in the right place. For Sales Period Loan/Finance













Developer Exit Finance, 


Development exit finance is used to repay outstanding finance against a property development once the project is complete. There are three main reasons why this type of finance is attractive:

  1. Firstly, the existing development finance is coming to an end and sales won’t be completed in time, Sales Period Loan/Finance can help.
  2. Alternatively, where development finance can be expensive, development exit finance can be used to reduce finance costs to a lower rate. This is becoming increasingly popular as rates drop, with our development exit finance rates starting at 0.44% per month.
  3. Finally, Developer Exit Finance can be used to release capital from a development before sales come through, allowing you to move on to your next project. Go Commercial Finance can arrange funds very quickly where fast completions are required on new projects.


How Much Will It Cost?


Options for development exit finance come from our extensive panel of bridging finance lenders and our rates start at 0.44% per month.

Most lenders will also charge an arrangement fee, which will vary depending on the lender, loan size and loan to value. Arrangement fees of 1-2% are common, with the fees of 1% generally reserved for larger loans. There are generally no early repayment charges or exit fees on these types of finance, meaning you can repay whenever you like with no financial penalty.

In most cases, development exit finance is cheaper than development finance and as such, will represent a cost saving for you. This is because property development can be a high risk business, with the risk of delays and unexpected problems rife.

This type of funding takes advantage of the fact that the level of risk decreases significantly as the project nears completion. As such, a new lender is generally happy to pass on the savings associated with a lower risk applies to you, the borrower.


How Long Does it Take to Complete?


We can usually complete development exit finance applications in 7-14 days. Our development finance experts will usually be able to quote an estimated completion time for your project during an initial conversation.

Where funds are needed urgently, we can generally work to your timescales to ensure that funds are there when you need them.


Do I Have to Make Monthly Payments?


We can offer funding with the monthly interest serviced monthly, or rolled-up into the loan each month, leaving you no monthly payments to make.

Should rolled up interest be required, it is simply repaid at the end when the loan is repaid.


What Happens When I Start Selling the Properties?


Unlike development finance, which sees all sale proceeds used to repay the loan amount, development exit lenders are happy to allow you to keep a proportion of the sales proceeds.

This allows you to control your cash flow during the sales process and move forward with your next project.

Of course, if you would prefer to repay the loan as quickly as possible, you can use 100% of any sales to reduce the loan balance.


Why Should I Look to Take Development Exit Finance Sales Period Loan/Finance?


There are four main reasons, they are as follows:-

  • You can generally release capital which will allow you to move forward with your next project. This allows you to keep your cash flow moving as fluidly as possible. If you’re running low on funds to complete the build, we may even be able to release capital to help with this.
  • You will generally be reducing your borrowing costs when taking out exit finance. Where sales could be slow, this can represent significant cost savings, protecting your all-important margin.
  • Exit finance allows you to choose a much longer sales period than is generally offered by development finance lenders. This takes the pressure off you to look for quick sales and allows you to retain much more control in securing the best possible price for your stock.
  • As mentioned above, most lenders will allow you to keep a proportion of the sales proceeds from the first sale, meaning your cash flow is much easier to manage during the sales process.


When Should I Start Looking for Development Exit Finance?


We can complete applications very quickly. However, it makes sense to allow yourself time for the process to go through. A month should be more than sufficient for this.


Does My Property Have to Be Signed Off by Building Control?


Not always, we can offer funding before practical completion sign off. Once the property is wind and watertight, you will be able to access the lowest rates in the market and start saving on interest costs.


What Information Would I Have to Provide?


The underwriting process is actually quite straightforward, with minimal information being required to supply funding.

Although it varies from application to application, we will generally require the following:-

  • Details of the security
  • Details of your marketing strategy
  • Some details of the Directors and major shareholders of the borrowing entity


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