Invoice and Trade Finance

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Why Use Invoice Finance?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. And Go Commercial Finance Ltd can help you with it by providing advice on suitable finance solutions and lending.

Cash flow can be put under pressure when you are looking to grow your business. If you experience a change in supplier terms. Or when your customers, whilst being creditworthy, are slow paying for goods or services you have provided.  

What Invoice Finance does is allows you access to funds immediately. You'll also have the option to outsource your credit control to a professional third party. Or you can continue to collect the debt in yourselves.  These cash flow solutions can be offered either on a disclosed basis - this is where your customers are aware of the assistance of the finance company. Or on a confidential basis - where it is not.

Invoice finance can give an injection of monies into your business for Management Buyouts/ins, assist with future growth plans it also gives you the option to offer terms to your clients, which in turn will grow your business.  So, it allows you to concentrate on your business to increase sales, it can also improve its profit margins, through supplier discounts.

Go Commercial Finance Ltd has helped hundreds of companies locally and nationally set up invoice finance facilities. Market data confirms that high street banks' appetite to advance working capital via overdraft facilities has diminished greatly. The effective way of providing working capital is in the form of raising finance against outstanding invoices.

Is Invoice / Cash Flow Finance Suitable For My Company?

Invoice Finance is the perfect solution for stable and growing businesses. Due to the amount of working capital realised being increased in line with your turnover.

Our Experience Can Save You Time And Money

We have many years experience assisting new and existing clients alike with help in managing cash flow finance and invoicing.

Trade Finance

Trade finance releases capital against inventory that would otherwise be tied up as raw materials, work in progress, or finished goods. Through trade finance, a lender purchases stock from you at a discount following a third party stock valuation to establish its true value. You then provide the funder with weekly or monthly stock listings before agreeing on future levels of funding.

A trade finance facility releases the working capital that would otherwise be tied up within your balance sheet to boost your business’ cash flow, and the working capital released can be used to seek new business opportunities or to use as funding for growth and expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

Is Trade Finance Necessary For My Company?

Trade finance is typically provided as part of an asset-based lending facility, which can leverage funding against additional assets such as debtors, property, plant and machinery, in addition to surplus stock.

Trade finance is used as a revolving facility to enable access to capital as and when you need it. It is therefore particularly useful for companies in the retail, wholesale and international trade industries as it allows for seasonal stock requirements. A trade finance facility can release funding against stock both in the UK and overseas.

The majority of our trade finance clients use the facility to finance imports from overseas. Having an active presence in many major trading economies worldwide. Therefore, our knowledge and expertise mean we can build bridges between buyer and seller, to create strong, profitable relationships.

Many finance options available to help your business become a success

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